IKEA Duktig Hack

So I’m not the first and certainly not the last parent to hack the IKEA Duktig kitchen, but I still wanted to share our process, as it was a relatively simple one that was still an improvement upon its otherwise (in my opinion) very plain look.

IMG_20180213_093233_181 copy

The Duktig normally goes for €89, but back in November it was on sale for IKEA Family members for €49. The bear is increasingly interested in what’s going on in the kitchen, and I’ve definitely noticed that when I pick him up from KiTa, he’s often playing in the kitchen there. Since Christmas was already figured out, we decided to buy the kitchen in advance at the sale price and then bring it out for his birthday in the summer.

But lately, the bear has shown an increased interest in our kitchen. We have a learning tower and he helps out with baking projects and such, but he’s also wanting to put things in the oven and make stuff, and it made us reevaluate our decision to wait until his birthday. So this past weekend we decided to put the kitchen together.

I had researched other hacks on Pinterest and found a few I liked as examples. The main things I wanted to do were paint the handles/sink/hooks/rod, spraypaint the outside, and put in a wallpaper backsplash. But we encountered a few problems with this, as we don’t have a yard or a garage and it’s really too cold for spraypaint to properly dry. Reluctantly I made a compromise that I’d still paint the handles/sink/hooks/rod and we’d make a backsplash, but no spraypainting the wooden parts.

On Saturday we went to the art supply store, where the bear picked out some fancy wrapping paper as the backdrop (he wanted the “blue flowers”), and I grabbed some metallic copper paint. That evening, my husband put most everything together while I painted, and in the morning I continued with the painting. That afternoon while the bear was napping, we completed the assembly and had it ready to go as soon as he woke up.

Needless to say, it was a total hit, and in the three days since its completion, he’s almost constantly playing with the kitchen. He’s also very possessive of it, which had led to some more independent play, giving us parents a much-needed break from an otherwise very demanding toddler.

Before the kitchen was built, we already had a wooden pizza, some well-loved ice cream and a cupcake, and a banana (that is lost somewhere at the moment). But I wanted to give him more food variety, so I snagged a cookie set, a baking set, and a sandwich set all on sale from Tchibo. We also had a vegetable set from Eichhorn purchased last year. And to round it all out, we paid a trip to TK Maxx, where the bear picked out a hand towel and a pencil holder for storing his utensils.

I snapped a few pictures of the kitchen before the bear got his hands on everything and made a mess of it, so here’s a look at some details of the finished product.

IMG_20180213_093246_794 copyIMG_20180213_092824_085 copyIMG_20180213_092824_081 copyIMG_20180213_092720_632 copyIMG_20180213_092720_630 copy

All in all, I’m really happy with how this turned out. I still want to get a set of dishes for him to use, but for now, I think it’s a great start.


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